Spotlight On The Miner

Roger Myers

For his hard work and dedication to his family and the mining community, Roger Myers is this month’s Spotlight nominated by the Southern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana Respiratory Disease Program! Roger is well-versed in the coal mine industry, completing 13 years of mining. He worked in coal mine construction and coal mining from 1968 to 1981. He has held various positions within the mining industry. His work in coal mine construction included building draglines and tipples. As a miner he worked as a dozer operator, grater operator, pumper and tipple attendant. He worked at several locations throughout his mining experience, such as as Ayrcoe Mine in Oakland City, Indiana and Ayrshire Mine in Chandler, Indiana.

Outside of the mines, Roger always finds time to serve his community! In March of 1981, Roger was elected to the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) International Executive Board. Since his initial election, he has served on the executive board five times and has held a plethora of positions for over 38 years. Some of his positions include Teller, Regional Director, UMWA Liaison, Special Project Coordinator, Organizer, President of District 15 and District 12.

Continuing his commitment to serving his community, Roger has worked tirelessly to help miners and their families with UMWA benefits and Black Lung Benefits. He spends countless hours visiting miners and their spouses when they are hospitalized or in nursing homes. He attends the funerals of many of his fellow miners from the area and assists their spouses with getting death benefits from the UMWA. He is a dedicated servant to the UMWA, miners, and their families.

Roger and his wife Sandy have been married for 13 years. They have two daughters, Megan & Stacey and a grandson, Chad. Not only is Roger dedicated to his mining community but his family is as well! Every year on April 1st, Roger and Sandy organize a phenomenal event for miners known as John L. Lewis Day. They have been organizing this event for many years and typically over 160 miners and their spouses attend.

Like Roger, the Southern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana Respiratory Disease Program (SIRDP) is dedicated to helping miners.Through their program, coal miners receive services which include benefits counseling to help miners and their families file claims for Federal Black Lung benefits. They also provide services for case management, patient education, community resource referrals, and home visits. They collaborate to provide coal miners assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of black lung disease and other breathing disorder. They have offices are located in Terre Haute, Indiana and Carterville, Illinois.

Interested in Nominating a Miner?

The Black Lung Center of Excellence invites HRSA funded Black Lung Clinics to nominate a miner(s). The Spotlight on the Miner is a BLCE project developed to promote and recognize a new miner and clinic every month.

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